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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Now I can mess about with bees!

So the weather has been fantastic for March and there are bees in the garden, it's a little garden and as we house share with my Mother in Law it has a bit of a more mature lady vibe going on. Small boys love the garden, I love the garden, small boys play in it, get tired and hungry with only small amounts of input from me. Mil finds small boys being in the garden a tad more stressful.

This week as a change from worrying about them damaging the plants and breaking the pots her main concern has been the bees. The bees are nice, fat and fluffy and very slow, totally fascinating to small boys. So there have been several long talks this week between small boys and Mil about the danger of said bees.

Today, while small boy T was napping, small boy B and I made this and while I was clearing up the carnage that always happens when I bake with very small children, small boy B disappeared into the cupboard where we keep outer clothing and tonnes of other crap. He appeared a few minutes later wearing mittens, odd mittens, but the fact he managed to find mittens in the place where everything we don't really need, but are to scared to bin in case we miss it, goes to wait for us to change our minds, is pretty damn impressive. He skipped happily into the garden. To my question "Whats with the gloves?" the reply came, full of pride I might add, "Now I can mess about with bees!" Now that I thought is a very good name for a blog.........

The cake by the way is delicious, easy and a great way to use up the bananas that no one in this house will touch.
On the subject of bees, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, I loved this book muchly.