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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dinosaur on the stairs.

There's a dinosaur at the top of my stairs, he's been there several days looking down wondering solemnly if anyone is every going to play with him again. He irks me a little, why leave him at the top of the stairs why not take him down where I can toss him equally unloved into the play room? Or carry him back into their bedroom where he can fall down the back of Small Boy B's bed never to be seen again.?

Today has been one of "Those Days" Small boy B wet his bed so came into mine in the early hours and wet that too, nothing like 2 lots of wet bedding to start you off on the wrong foot. My lovely friend and her equally lovely little girl came to visit and brought pain au chocolat which lifted my spirits and Small Boy B went out to visit my Mum. So all good, but when they all left Small Boy T turned into a demon. Not something that happens often with him but the hour it took to persuade him he really needed a sleep was fraught to say the least. Now I am left with half an hour before Small Boy B returns and instead of doing anything constructive I waste it, while breathing deeply, on Facebook.....guilt ridden, while Cbeebies still chatters on in the back ground as I am too lazy to get up and find the remote!

Then on a quick trip upstairs to fetch some more wet bedding I am struck with a thought, the one that keeps me sane and also makes me a little sad, my Small Boys will grow away before my very eyes and dinosaurs on the stairs will be a thing of the past.