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Friday, 27 April 2012

Yarn Addict!!

My name is Lousie and I am a yarn addict. 

Well I suppose there are far worse things to be addicted to, I love it, the colours, how it's appearance changes from when it arrives in a skein, to what it looks like balled up and then finally knitted or crocheted. I cannot draw or paint and I love that I have finally found something creative that enables me to make beautiful things.

But and there is always a but isn't there? As with most other area of my life *thinks briefly about the spare room littered with boxes half stuffed with out grown baby clothes* I start many a project, I get off the ground at a furious rate and then, normally about half way through, another pretty turns my head and off I go at a total tangent. So I thought I would share some of the things I have started this year and later we will have a little update to see what actually got finished. Some of the photos were taken a few weeks ago during what may turn out to be summer!

Firstly this lovely scarf in a Luscious Little Somethings yarn club wool and silk blend called Selkie, This one has grown a bit since the pic was taken :) 

Next up Evie Pants Longies pattern in Knittybots hand dyed organic merino colourway Night Light. 

Now finished and modeled by the beautiful Small Boy T,

Next up a Shawl in Noro in various shades which is lovely and bright but also matt.

Up next the Neat Ripple from the brilliant attic24 you will find so many lovely things here that you may get lost and never return. Anyway this is a blanket for a very lovely lady who has just had a baby and it is what I really need to work on before the teeny little chap grows up and leaves home, It is supposed to represent the seaside and I have given it the original title of Seaside Ripple...It is made from a 100% cotton yarn.

Since taking the photos above I have started and finished (get me) these for another fairly new little girl person also Evie Pants and Knittybots this time in Riley's Rainbow.

I also Low water immersion hand dyed these in the microwave with Dylon

And started one of these pics when the Seaside Ripple is finished. I also have many granny squares that will one day be a Leap Year Blanket but that as they say is a story for another day........


  1. Thank you :) Just need to work on seeing things through to the end xx