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Sunday, 31 August 2014

So far so good!!

Sooooo week one was mainly positive, the boys in spite of being very resistant of change have actually done very well and tried all the new things. Bed times have improved, they are still not quite where I would like them but they are better, Best of Both is not popular but it is being eaten by all three of us, I am hoping to replace it with wholemeal from the bakers by the end of September.

Changes we made this week!!!
Breakfast....we waved bye bye to chocolate cereal and marmalade on toast, and replaced it with fruit porridge, blueberry pancakes, eggs, boiled and scrambled and even a cheese omelette and finally mixed berries with plain whole milk yoghurt and buttered toast fingers. These are massive changes for us and actually has made breakfast a bit of an adventure.

Our Nutribullet arrived on Wednesday and since then we have been having a smoothie every day at breakfast, this mornings was a disaster but other than that they have been yummy and well received and the kids are getting a blast of raw spinach every day at breakfast, we have lots more recipes to try and today we will be upping to two a day.

Lunches too saw a change we still mainly had sandwiches however instead of having, crisps, biscuits and processed yoghurt with them we had vegi sticks and fruit all hoovered up by the kids.

Smallboy2 hates the water bottles and still moans for apple juice most of the day but he will now have water with his meals without moaning till my ears bleed all the way through!!

I made Cookies!! And Jam!!

So this week is about maintenance and dinner. We had guests last week so dinners were a bit hit and miss, today I will be planning evening meals for the rest of the week.

So here goes week two wish me luck!!

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